Media and Blog

People ask me to talk sometimes, here’s a collection of those on YouTube:

My recent appearance on Fraser Cain (Universe Today)’s YouTube channel features a particularly nice discussion about exomoons, I think.

Here’s a collection of radio appearances and select media coverage of my work.

Radio / podcast appearances:

The Download — Radio Taiwan International (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) (September 2021)

AAASky (April 2021)

Science Friday WNYC (October 2018)

Quirks and Quarks CBC (October 2018)

WGN Radio (April 2016)

The Takeaway (March 2014)


My guest column in Scientific American (July 2017)

Exomoon coverage:

Scientific American, Nature News, BBC News,
The Washington Post, The Atlantic, NPR All Things Considered