Music has always been a big part of my life, starting when I was a little boy singing in an English-style boys choir, and going to my Dad’s concerts with the Richmond Symphony. I started piano around age 10, and I spent several years playing the trombone, too. These days I also fool around on the ukulele, digeridoo, and most recently, the erhu (I’m dreadful so far). Piano is really my thing these days, I love playing and singing old standards in my Real Book, and I write a lot of music as well. Had a band for a time, but you know how that story goes.

In 2020 I completed recording a full album at home, entitled Sloshed. I don’t know terribly much about audio production… just what I taught myself through hundreds of hours of tinkering with GarageBand, but I’m rather happy with it overall. So if you’ll excuse the audio quality, and my various attempts to hide my voice in the mix, maybe you’ll dig it. Check it out below.